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Since 2010 we worked towards the goal of building brands that offer reliable and balanced information about the forex trading market.  Since 2010, we have had helped over 1+ Million traders in 12 languages get reliable information to make more informed decisions.

Our Forex Brands

TradeForex Brasil
FX Australia


We connect travelers with top tour operators in Africa, with the goal of delivering the best experience in the lead up to and during their vacation.

There are many travel agencies, both located in Africa, and around the world that strive to be one of the best.  There are only a handful of agencies who can deliver on the combination of know-how, tailored advice, pricing, availability, regulation and quality of experience.

When we select partners to work with Safari Guide Africa, we do our homework.  For peace of mind, we put additional focus on ensuring the reputation and regulatory status of the partner organization are immaculate.  We work with a limited number of partners, and those that we have selected are only the best.

Our Travel Brand

Our Management Team

Björn Michels – CEO & Head of Strategy

Björn Michels is CEO of Schlossbrink and has been at the helm since 2012. While founding Schlossbrink, Björn founded Roy App – a digital marketing and business intelligence company providing the value of management consulting – and worked advising international media platforms and online finance companies establish new and customer focused brands that have transparency and product development at the core.

Jeffrey Cammack – Editorial Director & Head of Operations

Jeff Cammack is the Editorial Director of the Trade Forex branded websites that Schlossbrink operates. Jeff Cammack joined in 2012 and has been central to setting the educational focus of the content published, and the research processes that are the backbone of the content and product reviews.

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